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About the Founder

Kylie King - Founder of Australian Ladies in Business Initiative Headshot

Kylie King is a hypnotherapist, multiple business owner, author and publisher from the Blue Mountains who has a passion for empowering people. Kylie was driven to start her business in 2019 after finding juggling mum life and a busy full-time career overwhelmingly challenging. Since then, she has used her experience to help countless women discover clarity and confidence in their business journeys.

Kylie began her business; she shared her own story with the hope that anyone else in a similar situation would not feel as alone. Kylie offered business and confidence coaching and over the years, added to her skillset. She now offers mindset assistance via hypnotherapy, as well as past life regression facilitation.

Kylie believes that anything is possible once you learn to trust and love yourself. She says, “The answers we seek are within and partnered with a healthy mindset and belief in yourself the transformation occurs. Sometimes we need help accessing the resources we have within and this is where I can assist.” Kylie realises that there is no one-size fits all approach, therefore she tailors her sessions to each individual client accordingly.

Her business, Kylie King, empowers people by helping them deal with fears and trauma. This is achieved via hypnotherapy, with the main focus on past life regression and comes in three types of sessions: Past Life Regression; Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique; and Beyond Quantum Healing. A membership will soon be available for those who want to harness a healthy mindset on a regular basis.

Alongside this, Kylie provides further support for other women in business in a group setting. ALIBI (Australian Ladies in Business Initiative) is an online community; and Penrith-Blue Mountains Ladies in Business is a local business network where members regularly meet in person.

ALIBI offers personal support with a focus on a community of shared experiences. The Initiative is open to all ladies across Australia, no matter where they are on their business journey, to discuss their successes and challenges. Participants can invest in a monthly membership to swap distraction and overwhelm for focus and confidence. This is achieved through the set up of systems and utilising ongoing support from within the community and from Kylie as a facilitator. Recently, Kylie launched the inaugural ALIBI Awards. This passion project had the aim to uplift and honour the small business community in light of the multiple bushfires, floods, drought and pandemic of recent years.

A testament to her brilliant mindset and ability in business, Kylie also owns her own publishing house, The Phoenix Within. She provides a space for anyone to share and publish their story, whether they would like to self-publish themselves, or work with Kylie’s team. Kylie is herself a number one bestselling author and has published multiple books.

When she is not working out of her home office, or in her studio in Glenbrook, Kylie is out on adventures, exploring and trying new things with her three children and partner, Kim.