Australian Ladies in Business Initiative's story

Australian Ladies in Business Initiative aka ALIBI is a community built by Australians for Australians to provide a safe space where like-minded women from all backgrounds, experiences, qualifications and knowledge can come together to educate, empower and motivate each other.  

ALIBI was created by award-winning entrepreneur and bestselling author Kylie King. After spending many years working with businesses and leadership development, Kylie decided to step out and really focus on supporting Australian business owners in the online space. 

ALIBI’s vision is to help ladies in business all over Australia from the coast to the outback. All ladies are welcome, whether you have children, fur-babies, a “man-child” or rocking it alone. Our mission is to assist ladies in business to strive towards what success means to each and every one of them by providing community support, courses and  exclusive products and resources. 

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Join our community to connect, support, educate and empower like-minded ladies all over Australia. 

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Check out our online hub which provides courses, TED Circle meetings and ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions  to  our members to level up their mindsets and businesses. 


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